Creating your Dream Floral Decor by The Wedding Florist

Creating Moods With Flowers. This is what we do at Mood Fleur. We understand how you want to make your wedding day memorable and special with the right mood and setting. Hence, we hope to curate a mood and setting with flowers which is uniquely you, be it simple or elaborated design involving floral arch, bridal car, church, solemnisation or wedding reception decoration, we can customise a floral design for your wedding according to your budget.

We also have basic floral decor packages for solemnisation, wedding and bridal car decorations starting from $450 onwards, do email us at to find out more or to fix an appointment. For bridal bouquets, do drop us an email too or a note via the Contact page with a brief description of your ideal bouquet (budget, color palette, preferred flowers, pictures if any) and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Psst, bridal bouquets customisation as low as $85 onwards!